Friday, April 10, 2009

Off-Topic:Krod Mandoon

I decided to watch this show last night. There's a few good laughs in the first episode however I'm worried that some of the running gags they are trying to start up may get stale. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and watching another one next week as the first one seemed to mostly be there to get you familiar with the main characters and how they interact with each other. Sorry I don't cite any examples but I'm trying to avoid throwning any spoilers down here. My opinion: watch if you want a few good laughs but don't expect too much out of the first episode at least.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The stats

I'm sure a lot of you out there are going to come to this site and the first thing you are going to think when you see my first post is: "Why would I need to go here when I could just go to elitist jerks and get all the theorycrafting info I want." While that statement is true I plan on trying to make this blog more than just a theorycrafting site as time moves on. However to get things started off there are a few basic things I'd like to cover so they don't become the most common questions in the comment boxes. When gearing for Elemental shamans there are 4 main stats you want to consider: hit, spellpower, haste, and crit (in no particular order). While there is no question as to the most important of these stats being hit until you are capped (263 for alliance shamans with spriest or boomkin in raid) opinions on the other 3 vary and in the end you should never trust a site to tell you how to play your character or really what was the point in making it. Either way I think it's time for me to get some sleep.

blog focus

I plan on focusing more on pve content than pvp content for this blog as elemental shamans have it rough it pvp right now. If you have pvp related elemental shaman questions, you are gonna have trouble finding anything beyond "kiss your butt goodbye" as advice from anyone.


Welcome to How Do I Totem, I've decided to throw my hat into the blog community when I realized the abyss that is there in the elemental shaman blog list. I'm not entirely sure where to start and will probably start slowly but if anyone has a specific question regarding elemental shamans I will do my best to answer it. This was just a first post to make sure I had this up and running. Feel free to comment with legitimate suggestions for posts.