Sunday, July 3, 2011


We only downed Shannox this week due to some technical difficulties with the bosses (and on the first night one of our tanks locking his keys in his car at work). This fight is fairly easy with the strat we used. We killed rageface first, then dpsed Shannox down to ~40% (as our tank and residual dots were doing a number to his hp, you can go to 35% as he doesn't enrage the dog until 30%) then killed riplimb then shannox. As an ele shaman a few things to note:
  • When killing rageface watch the timer on his face rage ability and try to have a LvB or a 9 stack fulmination available to hit him with as he doesn't stop until he takes a single attack that does 30k or more
  • if rageface is targetting you, try to drag him through a immolation trap if it isn't on cooldown (this increases his damage taken)
  • don't stand in any traps yourself (watch under your feet)
  • make sure you switch your searing totem off a target when stop dps is called on this (your totem is supposed to prioritize the target with flame shock on it that is closest to the target).

Don't forget, the boots he drops are your BiS until you can get crafted ones made and the ring is good to hold you over until you have the valor points to get it *which will be a while if you go with tier gear first*

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